New year’s resolution.

Illustration by: Keith Negley

By the end of the year, the boy gathered all his precious things and he put them in a box.

Everyone was so fascinated about how big is the box, and how small is the boy.

He brought a chair and a table and sat at the corner of the street trying to sell all his items. You know, it’s the time of the year where people start selling and exchanging things. But no one dared to buy something of him.

Every time, someone approaches him to buy something, the boy gets excited and he opens the box. Once he opens it, a loud scream comes out, his things starts crying nonstop and raging.

So he closes it, and the person takes a step back and run.

By the beginning of the new year, the boy carries his box filling it with one last thing -his disappointment- and moves on to his home, putting the box underneath his bed, while grabbing a bigger one to start fresh.

رأيان حول “New year’s resolution.

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